How It Works For Candidate

Talentvouch has been introduced to unleash the real potential of the referral driven recruitment. It is the right place for the candidates looking for their dream job. Talentvouch help candidates to change their professional quest from 'finding the job I love' to 'working in the job I love'. With candidates resume/description in hand, any good placement office or job counselor can help candidates in discovering a job, but Talentvouch makes sure that the candidate is lead only in his desired career path and passion. Candidates interested for the posted job or candidates who had received an invitational referral e-mail with job posting from their referrer can apply for the job on Talentvouch website.

How It Works For Referrer

A referrer is the one, who refers an ideal applicant that fits the employment profile of an organization. Talentvouch is a first of its kind referral driven recruitment platform where anybody can turn into a referrer leveraging their network and even earn rewards. A Referrer (Family, friend, colleague, recruitment agency or headhunter) may be anybody, who is not even a member of the organization, can refer one for that organization. Anyone who registers as a REFERRER at Talentvouch, gains the potential to earn rewards, by referring people from their network. The Referrer who refers the most ideal candidate for the posted job at Talentvouch stands a chance of winning referral bonus, if the referred candidate gets hired (NO CONDITIONS APPLY).


Best Opportunity for Job seekers to register here. This site will help you "Professionals" to quickly and efficiently locate many opportunities that exist.


Employee referral is an e-Recruitment method employed by organizations to identify potential candidates from their existing employees' social networks.


As a reward, the employer typically pays the referring employee a referral bonus.

How It Works For Recruiter

Recruiters usually go through many profiles to hire a candidate, ideal for the organization. It is troublesome for recruiters to source and hire the right candidate. But however, Talentvouch Referral recruitment system minimizes the effort, time and cost incurred to recruiters during the hiring process. When a Recruiter posts a job on the Talentvouch, People either refer or apply for the job posted. Talentvouch then analyses the referred/applied candidate's social and professional information on his social pages creating a unique funnel of sourcing candidates to bring up the right one. The candidate's profiles are then passed onto the Validators who are crowdsourced. Talentvouch's customized recruitment system filters the best, so that the recruiters get only reliable prospects but not simply individuals who look great on paper.

What validator does ?

The Validator carries a role of screening candidates and approving them if they are valid. The quality of the candidate is constantly high when you are looking for applicants through referrals. The Validators are experts in verifying the capability of candidates during the hiring process. Talentvouch's VALIDATORS are experienced industry professionals, who would evaluate the applicant's skillsets and further filter the resumes before they are passed on to the HR manager.