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We have teamed up to launch Talent Vouch, a new job referral platform that turns anybody into a recruiter. It allows anyone within the registered users, the potential to earn money, by referring people from their own network.

We understand that an attractive employer branding strategy is essential for any company to operate at its full potential. Many want to work for companies that inspire them, foster innovative thinking and make a positive contribution to society. We have developed a range of solutions to help companies create, promote and evolve their employer brand.

New Approach to Recruiting

Referral Community

Talent Vouch is a wide job network builder that helps those who are looking to find out their suitable jobs.

Get Rewarded

Receive not just the gratitude of your peers and top companies, but be in line to potentially earn significant cash rewards.

Quality Hiring

Referral hires are proven to be of a higher quality and a better cultural fit. They also start sooner, stay longer, and cost the company less to recruit.


Help just one person find gainful employment,that person can be a friend, a family member, a colleague or a complete stranger.

Highest Paying

The higher paying referral site which is paying the maximum for referring employees for job openings. Only thing, you have to refer right people to the right openings.

Job Authentication

There are no jobs by recruitment firms. Register and be kept up to date on opportunities from top organisations.

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